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    Compact: fits in your hand
    Lightweight: 1.3 lbs.
    Display: electroluminescent LCD
    Battery: NIHM, runs 24 hrs. at 125 ml/hr, full recharge time 5 hrs.
    Flow rate: 1-600ml/hr in 1 ml/hr increments
    Accuracy: /- 5%The Zevex EnteraLite® is a rotary peristaltic enteral feeding pump which can deliver both a continuous program or a single repeated intermittent infusion.

    It features both an upstream and downstream occlusion sensor, air-in-line sensor, and has no drip chamber in the administration set, which means it does not have to be upright to deliver enteral fluids; the detachable pole clamp rotates 360 degrees.

    The EnteraLite® can run both on the AC Charger/Adapter or can run its internal rechargeable battery. Requires dedicated EnteraLite sets, which come with an attached 500 or 1000 ml bag (soon to be replaced by a 1200 ml bag), or as a spike set. The pump is recommended for pediatric infusion.

    All pumps are in pristine condition-and come with warranty!

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