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Physio -Control Lifepak 1000


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    The Lifepak 1000® is a most dependable AED designed in mind for utilization with first responders.Its technology ®® features a large screen display and graphics and provides what is needed during a cardiac arrest. The Lifepak 1000 Non-Rechargeable Battery has a long life and is virtually maintenance free.The advanced unit provides helpful instructions in addition to real time graphics to assist the user to implement the most effective rescue possible.

    The device is a user friendly Automated External Defibrillator {AED} that is dependable and one of the best on the market with advanced technology .It boasts a vast number of features such as cprMAX™ technology which minimizes CPR interruptions by allowing compressions to continue during AED charging.It also allows for customizable care for patient needs in the field,switch to manual defibrillation,which overrides the AED’s functions,use ADAPTIV biphasic technology to provide a full range of energy from 150 to 360 joules and utilize the 3-lead ECG function when needed

    With its rugged design the Lifepak® 1000 ensures that the user is utilizing quality equipment in any clinical setting .It is a powerful and compact device designed to treat cardiac arrest patients and provide continuous cardiac monitoring capabilities.


    LARGE DISPLAY: large ,easy to read LCD screen provides more data at a glance

    COMPATIBLE TECHNOLOGY: Electrodes are fully compatible with all other Lifepak defibrillators and monitors

    SHOCK COUNTER: Digitally records and displays delivered shocks for added insight

    USER FRIENDLY: Simple to use at a cardiac arrest scene and minimizes pre-shock pauses by allowing providers to continue compressions while the AED charges

    WEIGHT: 7.1 LB DIMENSIONS 10.9 x9.2 x 3.4 Operation Mode Automatic

    Available New or Pre-owned Recertified With Warranty

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