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    The GemStar pumps are small and lightweight, single-channel infusion devices.

    They can touch patients anywhere throughout the continuum of care, providing simple and reliable infusions across all applications, wherever the point of care may be.

    This GemStar device (with blue end caps) has seven types of therapies available for infusion of medications and fluids. This model is indicated for parenteral administrations that include, but are not limited to, intravenous, arterial, subcutaneous, epidural analgesia, short-term epidural infusions.

    From pain management to ambulatory infusions and anywhere in between, the GemStar™ infusion system was specifically designed to improve safety across complex infusions. Three clearly differentiated GemStar devices provide versatility through extensive customization to meet the specific needs of specialty infusion applications — all while providing one user interface for programming familiarity.

    Pumps are fully refurbished in pristine condition with Elite Medical Warranty!


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