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Heartsine Samaritan AED


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    The Heasrtsine® Samaritan 300P features the highest durability ratings of any AED on the market. The technology and innovation is based on a proven history of development in the arena of cardiac defibrillation.

    The patented PADPAK® design provides for a single cartridge that contains both battery & defibrillation pads with a 3 1/2 year standby life.The SAMARITAN PAD features a clear and calm audible prompting in addition to visual prompting via 3 illuminated icon displays.The unit is fully upgradeable in the field via software updates,this ensures that the AED will be compliant with any future AHA updates..

    The 300P is also the only mainstream device on the market with an untainted regulatory history.It is truly at the forefront of portable defibrillation technology!

    A pediatric version of this cartridge is also available for the Samaritan PAD,known as the Pediatric -Pak™ for patients 1-8 years old and less than 55LB.{25KG}


    Weight 2.4LB
    Extended Warranty! 10 YEARS
    All units are brand new and come with all accessories .


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