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GE PRO 1000V3


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    The GE Dinamap Pro 1000 Vitals Monitor with Dinamap BP Technology, Nellcor® SpO2, Temp and Printer is the perfect fit in any Medical setting.

    Anyone can detect normal blood pressure values.

    But where DINAMAP Blood Pressure technology excels is in detecting the extremes, which are more difficult to determine and more critical to get right!

    The new Pro 1000 monitor automatically adjusts for lower inflation pressures on blood pressure readings.

    The results are faster BP determination times and enhanced patient comfort.

    Marquette ECG with respirations is now inside every Pro 1000 offering comfort in the knowledge that lethal arrhythmias will be brought to your attention.

    SpO2 by Nellcor® and by Masimo® (your choice), with temperature by IVAC give user receives the standards you’ve come to expect when providing patient care.

    DINAMAP ASAP BP, heart rate, Masimo® SET SpO2, Marquette ECG and printer.


    • Marquette ECG with EK Pro and respirations that reassures lethal arrhtyhmias will be brought to your attention.
    • DINAMAP ASAP technology for accurate and reliable Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring (NIBP).
    • Choice of Sp02 solutions, Masimo SET or Nellcor OxiMax.®
    • Optional IVAC Turbo Temp for temperatures in seconds.
    • Large 10.4″ color screen.

    All units are in excellent condition-please contact us for competitive quote!


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