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    • Power. The Ultradrive system provides exceptionally smooth power and accuracy even at slow speeds and with patients up to 500 lb (227 kg).
    • Reliability. Quinton medical treadmills have very few moving parts so there is minimal maintenance and less downtime.
    • Safety. The TM55 and TM65 medical treadmills meet all major safety and regulatory requirements worldwide.
    • The Quinton TM 55 treadmill features the Hyperdrive system, which is a revolutionary digitally-controlled AC-drive system which provides high performance, unrivaled accuracy, and the reliability you expect from a Quinton product.
    • The walking belt begins moving slowly, but steadily and smoothly increases in speed, providing a comfortable transition for patients.
    • DIMENSIONS:TM55 46.5 in x 80.2 in x 29.9 in (118 cm x 204 cm x 75.9 cm


    • Built on Microsoft Windows® XP Professional Platform
    • Risk Scoring
    • Procedure Re-Analysis
    • Freeze Frame
    • Permanent Full Disclosure
    • Superior ECG Trace Quality
    • User Friendly
    • Advanced Network and IS Connectivity Options
    • Patient Demographics and History exported to EMR
    • Integrated ECG monitor and treadmill
    • Fast Accurate Reports
    • Average Spatial Vector Velocity (ASVV) Techology
    • Baseline Wander and Motion Artifact Filters
    • Integrated Stress ECG-Echocardiography report
    • Networked, data export in XML and PDF formats
    • All systems are in excellent condion with warranty-kindly contact us for a competitive quote!


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