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Baxter Flo Gard 6201 Infusion Pump®


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    Configurable settings allow the Baxter Flo Gard 6201 Infusion pump® to be custom tailored to patient needs.It is the ideal pump for almost any medical setting.The 6201 provides good value in a robust,single channel infusion pump package.
    Computer control capability permits remote control and monitoring of the 6201 via a standard RS232-C interface, and  there is an automatic restart once occlusion clears. As an added measure of protection, the front panel has a lockout which guards against tampering.  The flow rate calculation is automatic after volume and time are selected.

    The Baxter Flo-Gard®  approximately weighs approximately 11.6 LB and is a very reliable and user-friendly pump. It operates on a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 6 hours and takes about 8 hours to fully recharge. The pump uses only standard Baxter solution administration sets and is suitable for epidural administration.  With an easy to load spill resistant pump mechanism and with occlusion sensors that detect both upstream and downstream restrictions it is a very popular choice for clinicians that   feature the ability to have   automatic piggybacking. The 6201 has the capability of  air in line detection ,automatic restart after occlusion clears and IV set free-flow protection.The pump is an industry standard in conventional set infusion pump technology.


    • An array of fluids including blood and fat emulsions
    • Safety clamp automatically occludes tubing when pump door is closed
    • Occlusion sensors detect upstream /downstream restrictions
    • Flow check display, Ultrasonic air detector
    • Programmed Delivery Profile provides manual or ramped calculation of up to 10 sequential infusion programs
    • Independent secondary medication program
    • 5 Hour memory retains infusion data
    • Volume -Time programming automatically calculates flow rate
    • Easily replaceable fuse,battery and power cord
    • Front panel lock-out protects against tampering

    Standard 90 Day Warranty * PATIENT READY* Nice cosmetic condition

    Warranties also available for 6 months & 1 Year!

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    Baxter 6201 Op Manual


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