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Baxter 6301 Dual Channel IV Pump



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    Baxter 6301 ®Dual Channel IV Pump Device is a volumetric infusion pump that is an industry standard in infusion technology. It is capable of delivering a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of infusion rates. As a Dual Channel pump, it provides the clinician with the convenience of delivering fluids to 2 patients at once. The pump contains 2 linear peristaltic pump heads allowing it to simultaneously infuse 2 different solutions. Each pump head is independently programmable and permits infusion of primary and secondary medication programs. The secondary program automatically switches over to the primary program when the secondary infusion is complete. Upon completion of the primary volume to be infused the pump automatically switches to a keep vein open rate.

    The pump uses standard IV administration sets that eliminate the need for costly disposable sets and reduces the potential for waste.The 6301 provides good value in a robust ,dual channel IV pump package.Includes power cord and pole clamp.The pump provides technology vital to providing utmost patient care.


    Weight 17.9 LB
    Batter Life 6 Hours
    Safety clamp automatically occludes the tubing when the pump door is opened
    Occlusion sensors detect both upstream and downstream restrictions
    Volume Time programming automatically calculates flow rate
    Configurable settings allow the pump to be custom tailored to best suit the hospital’s needs
    Sensitivity of the downstream occlusion sensors are selectable through the pump’s configuration
    Incremental Flow rate allows for 1-99.9ml/hr in increments of 0.1ml/hr Automatic restart
    Automatic Piggybacking of secondary medications Numerous safety features Alarm log last 10 alarms
    The pump operates on a standard 11.5 VAC 60 HZ electrical power, or on its self-contained rechargeable battery
    A computer interface allows remote operation and monitoring
    A panel lock out feature prevents patient tampering

    Standard 90 DAY WARRANTY *PATIENT READY* Nice cosmetic condition
    Also available with 6 month as well as 1 Year Warranty!
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